UK General Election Campaigns – 2015

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Despite the fact I rarely watch TV, this years election campaigns appear to be more ‘in my face’ than they have been previously.

In 2010, I saw some limited activity on Social Media. This time, every 3rd/4th post on my facebook or twitter feeds is to do with one of the parties. While I welcome the campaigning being more visible, I can’t say that any of the campaigns are really grabbing me. It’s all vote for us, or the other lot get in…. (or vote for us unless you want Scotland running things, but that’s another story entirely!)

I was hoping we might see a glimmer of new tactics and policies from the various parties as they embraced the new mediums, but it seems to have just made it easier for them to fire the same tired reasons across each others bows.

Maybe a coalition made up of a number of smaller parties is what’s needed to shake the big guys up and make them think again? Share your thoughts in the comments section :)



Is this thing on?

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Oops, forgot to post yet again. Updates coming soon!


Amazing radio

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Last night, a major UK radio personality I’ve had the pleasure of meeting personally, gave an amazing interview regarding a major change they are making in their life.

You can read more and listen to the interview here: http://radiotoday.co.uk/2014/10/hirsty-announces-life-changing-decision/

I’m useless at this blogging thing, but felt that this needed to be shared with anyone who happens to keep an eye out for my irregular posts! I wish Stephanie Hirst all the best for the future and hope to have the pleasure of meeting her again.

More changes!

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Lack of updates recently have been due to more ill health I’m afraid. I caught a cold/flu bug in early November and the congestion this caused lead to a case of Labyrinthitis & Vertigo. I ended up taking 3 weeks off work and have only recently returned on reduced hours :(

This aside, I’ve still managed to get a few things done. I’ve officially left the Pirate Party NEC today after Jason Winstanley was elected as nominating officer (one of six posts in the Full NEC election I have just run). I’ll still be working with the party and the next month will see a sensible, gradual handover of duties ready for the EU 2014 elections. My limited energies will now be devoted to the odd bit of support for the IT team, along with setting up a viable York branch.

I’ve also accepted a new job, I’ll be leaving the Onsite team and moving to the Leeds office in late January to take up a technical advisor post. This is both exciting & scary, having been in my current role for over 6 years since I moved up to York! I’m looking forward to the new challenges this will bring, although I will miss working with both Heineken and the VF Onsites.


Very late post as I’ve yet again forgot to update!

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Phil & Leanne Wedding

We finally did it! Leanne & I got married on 21st September. We took a week off and went to Ireland on honeymoon.

Once we got back, we plunged straight in Pirate Party conference, along with NEC elections & Leanne has also started a degree course with the OU! No rest for the wicked…..

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Where’d the past months go?

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The past few months have flown by. Between wedding planning, becoming a godfather and work at Pirate Party UK, I’ve been pretty busy (let’s not mention the downtime due to CFS).


It’s less than a month until Leanne & I are married (If she doesn’t come to her senses!). Before that, I have a 5th birthday show on www.newedenradio.com tomorrow (31st Aug) at 15:00 GMT and will no doubt have to assist with responses to more inept government actions & policies (syria & snowdon currently ranking high on the list).


No rest for the wicked…..


Another long overdue post!

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Just in case anyone ever looks here, I should probably post an update!


Wedding plans for September are well underway, just need to find money to pay for all the things! Still plenty to sort, so will keep us busy for the next month or two! Before that though, I have an important role to take on in early June as I’ve been asked to be a Godfather!


On the politics front – I announced in April at the full NEC meeting for PPUK that I would not be standing for re-election as Nominating officer on health grounds. The party needs someone in post for the upcoming EU and national elections who can devote more time & energy than I can with my ongoing CFS problems. I will be remaining active within the party & working to build our newly established York branch. I continue to be alarmed by the policies put forward by all the major parties currently involved in the UK government and this only strengthens my resolve to support PPUK.


In other news, I posed a question on facebook today about dusting off my broadcast equipment for a one-off special show in August. So far, the few responses have been mainly positive so I may look into this – it could tie into a certain stations 5th birthday if they like the idea…


Finally, I also posted this on FB earlier – From the T3K Archives



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I should probably just delete this site as I’m useless at blogging!

Quick update since my last post…Leanne & I are planning to get married this year. We both now NEC officers at Pirate Party UK and this is keeping us busy. Otherwise, it’s the same old same old. Hoping things work and economy wise change for the better soon.


No good deed goes unpunished?

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It’s been a mental couple of weeks. I’ve had workmates suffer from sudden heart attacks (on the mend thankfully), Leanne crashing her car (the only major casualty being her car thank $diety) and all sorts of interesting things happening on the work & politics fronts.

As I’m useless at making regular posts here, I’m going to move to an irregular ‘schedule’ of ensuring at least one rambling post a month – with others when I remember or have specifics to highlight :) As no one reads this anyway, it doesn’t matter!

So, last week was spent mainly on helping Dave out after his heart attack, including picking his car up from work, then collecting him from hospital and ensuring he got home. As always, he was worrying about work despite the get well card full of notes telling him not to! Friday was (literally in car terms) a write off after Leanne went into someone on the way to work – followed by my car deciding to break down at the scene (battery died – now replaced!). Leanne was taken to hospital but released after a couple of hours with no major injuries to report thankfully (I think the main ones were to my nerves..). I cancelled my trip to Manchester for PPUK and spent the weekend playing nurse (which really doesn’t suit me). It did mean I got to teach Leanne what a great game Civ V is though :)

In other news, you may be aware that BT have now started blocking the Pirate Bay (along with such reputable outfits as TalkTalk, Sky & Virgin Media). If this is affecting you, I have an easy solution – http://tpb.pirateparty.org.uk :)

I have cancelled my phone & TV with Virgin Media due to this (Broadband will go as soon as I can get a reasonable alternative installed). Sky is being cancelled next month at end of contract. If enough people decide to do the same, they might finally start standing up for their customers and reject the censorship that is being forced on them. Until that happens (which I fear is a long way off and after our rights have been trampled a lot more) I’ll vote with my wallet and also keep trying to raise awareness as a member of the Pirate Party.

Speaking of those rights & freedoms, another attack is on the way, in the form of the Draft Communications Data Bill – this intends to track pretty much everything you do online, goodbye any right to privacy :( – You can find the Pirate Party take on this here: http://www.pirateparty.org.uk/press/releases/2012/jun/14/snoopers-charter/ & http://www.pirateparty.org.uk/press/releases/2012/jun/15/snoopers-charter-future-freedom/

Enough rambling for now, I shall try and post more soon.



Local Elections – May 2012

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I have spent most of the past 2 months working with 3 groups of ‘Pirates‘ in Edinburgh, Glasgow & Manchester on their local election campaigns. As the party Nominations officer, I had a key role in ensuring that all our candidates could stand for election. Without my authorisation, no candidate could stand on behalf of the party – this involves quite a bit of paperwork juggling when you live hundreds of miles from the candidates!

Thursday 3rd May was the day of reckoning – I was on the ground in Manchester checking on polling stations and knocking on doors to ‘get the vote out’ as generally only 1 in 4 people bother to vote in the areas we had candidates in :(

Thursday evening saw us heading down to Manchester Central to watch the count and see how we did. All the info is here but the highlight of the evening was Loz Kaye getting over 5% of the vote in Bradford ward and beating the Lib Dems – a result which shows we are finally being taken seriously as a party.

After being up for 26 hours, I finally got a few hours sleep at about 7am on Fri morning, then it was back to work with Loz as we monitored the Scotland election results while he was interviewed by a magazine (will update who when it’s published).

Now I’ve had a couple of days recovery time, it’s back to work – I have internal elections to run for our board, reports to write on the election processes and planning for a possible by-election in November. This is all in addition to the normal work of standing up for our freedom of speech and human rights, which the current government are attacking every single day. Just another day in the life of a pirate……

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